Meet Peter Dever – the man at the top of Salon Custom

If ever there was a person to know everything you would ever need to know about salon furniture and equipment it would be our very own Mr Peter Dever.
He has been measuring up, sourcing and supplying salons with the very best kit for over 20 years.

Peter has worked with 1,000’s of salon owners to help them achieve their dream of owning a beautiful, stylish salon that is practical and easy to work in.

From small single position home salons, to funky high street barber shops, right up to luxury destination spas and big brand salon chains, Peter has worked with them all and has an expert eye which helps guide salon owners to choose the best salon equipment for their needs and budget.

Peter is also a popular face within colleges and education settings in Scotland. He is well known and liked by beauty and hair college lecturers, and they appreciate the service that Peter gives as he is always willing to go the extra mile and do whatever he can to ensure the colleges get the equipment they need within their allocated budgets.

Peter started his career in the year 2000 with Salon Services and was often seen helping customers in the Glasgow City Centre store. During his time at Salon Services, which then became Sally’s, Peter received training from all the top Salon equipment and furniture brands including REM, Takara Belmont, Maletti, and many more. After 18 years at Salon Services / Sally, he moved onto work as Salon Equipment Specialist for Hair & Beauty World, before setting up his own business Salon Custom.

Top advice from Peter for selecting your salon style:
Choosing salon furniture is always a problem for designers and salon owners who must juggle between finding great design, quality build and proven reliability while still being cost-effective. This has never been a problem when I offer REM equipment who have always created excellent products’. What I will say is neutral tones and natural woodwork always makes up the wonderful salon environment.

Many people within the professional hair and beauty industry will all ready know and love Peter Dever but few will know this interesting fact about him:
“I have always been business minded and loved working with the public, At 18 years old I became my own boss where I ran an Ice cream van business, After 8 years I decided to move over to the Hair & Beauty Industry where I have not looked back and now 47 to start out on my own again this just shows you’re never too old to pursue your dreams!”

If you are thinking of opening a salon, changing your existing salon or even just need one or two items of salon equipment, then Peter would be delighted to personally chat to you and help you choose what is right for your business. Give him a call or text today on 07825 910 295.

Meet Peter Dever

“I just love the professional hair and beauty industry so much and I know how important it is for salons to look their best. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping to achieve the vision and dreams so it’s a privilege to be a part of this with our customers”

Peter Dever of Salon Custom

Salon Custom Peter Dever