December in a salon = CRAZYNESS

No time to think, eat, drink….its cut, colour, rinse repeat for the full 24 days before Christmas.
Naturally with all the extra clients and long hours hairdressers are working at this time of year their income will increase. But how can you make even more without having to feel the pressure of selling to your clients.

1. Professional Hair Gift Packs
Use your existing salon retail offering to make up gift packs. You can make them into different types like styling, curly hair, blondes, male etc. Most salons have plenty of existing salon retail stock so it won’t cost you much to package them together in nice bags or cellophane with a bow or a ribbon. A great gift for that difficult relative who already owns everything!

2. Place your retail products strategically in your salon
Have at least a couple of retail display cabinets. Usually the best place for a retail display is in the client waiting area and near the till. Chat to customers about the ranges and encourage them to browse and pick up products. Incentivise your team to see who can make the most sales in a day. Have clear pricing on the shelves or on each product as no-one likes to ask ‘how much’, especially when the salon is going like a fair. Your other display could be near the styling units, next to where clients sit whilst their colour develops.
If any of the displays are not generating sales then move them! Test different areas and keep track of the sales generated, you’ll find your salon retail sweet spot in no time.
Check out the REM Tokyo Retail Unit, ideal for displaying your retail items and available from Salon Custom.

3. Ensure your display stand looks good and full of product
Nothing worse than seeing one or two shampoos on a cracked glass shelf that’s covered in dust! Get your salon a proper unit that shows off your retail items. Use display lights to make them shine and make sure you keep it filled up with products and cleaned daily! There are plenty of nice display units available. Check out the REM Quartz Retail Unit available from Salon Customs. It comes with glass doors to keep the dust at bay.

4. Budget to luxury
When is comes to Christmas gifts, even for our most loved ones, we all have a budget in mind of how much we plan to spend on that person. So make sure your salon Christmas retail offering has something to fit that clients need. Have at least a couple of retail ranges in stock (three if you can) and that way you can offer budget, mid-range and premium products. Often the margins on lower priced salon ranges are as good if not even better than the fancy ones.

5. Rebook rebook rebook
Have a competition with all your stylists….who can get the most appointments booked in for January. You could run this daily, weekly or for the full month of December. Task your receptionist with asking every client ‘when suits them in January for their next appointment?’ As a hairdresser be sure to say see you in 6 weeks, to remind clients that a good doo needs regular maintenance.

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